Asset management is now safer and efficient with assistance of UAV’s. DronePro provides many solutions for asset integrity inspections. Our experience in the offshore/onshore oil and gas industry ensure that we can complement your goal to maintain the highest level of safety and operate at maximum efficiency.

Offshore and Onshore Oil and Gas

Inspections for assets in the oil and gas sector are becoming more important with every passing year. Assets continue to age and drillers and operators need to ensure that the integrity of the assets are maintained. From Drilling rigs, FPSO’s, Vessels and Production Platforms DronePro can provide a low cost, safe and efficient way to inspect your assets.

Petrochemical and Pipelines

Refineries and Pipelines produce and transport critical products that keep countries running. Without these services energy costs would soar. That is why inspections are so important. DronePro can perform a multitude of services from Live Flare inspections, pipeline right away surveys utilizing start of the art video analytics to 3D modeling your assets using Lidar Technology.

Offshore and Onshore Wind Energy

Wind Power is becoming more and more popular across the globe. These massive structures create a great alternative for electricity but need constant monitoring to ensure the assets are in good condition. DronePro has the ability to do just that with our long flight times and multitude of sensors. We can cost effectively minimize your assets downtime utilizing our services.


Everyone has a cell phone these days and all of us know the frustrations of having a bad connection or dropping a call. DronePro has years of experience in the industry and can quick and safely inspect and monitor your Cell Towers utilizing our modern platforms and state of the art point cloud and analytics software.

High Voltage Utilities

The world is growing rapidly and to meet the energy needs of everyone Utility companies are pumping more electricity than ever through its networks of power lines, sub stations and power plants. With this more and more load is put on these assets and power outages are costly and unacceptable. DronePro has the ability to perform thermal scans and 3D modeling of these structures to help the utility companies keep these assets online.

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