Mapping & Measurement

Aerial mapping services are now safe, pin point accurate, cost effective and faster than the traditional use of manned aircraft. DronePro offers many applications to your mapping and measurement requirements. We offer photogrammetry & LiDAR for 2D & 3D mapping, volumetric analysis and multispectral applications for crop analysis.  DronePro can significantly reduce time spent collecting, processing and delivering the data required by our clients.

3D Volumetrics

Due to the nature of many raw materials like coal, rocks and iron ore, it is very challenging to determine the exact amount of resources present in a specified area. Knowing how much is in a stockpile of material is detrimental to your business and having a survey team on the ground performing measurements is costly and inaccurate.

Aerial imagery from an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) captures measurements that are faster, more accurate and more cost effective than traditional means. Using technology like orthomosaics, contour lines and point clouds mosaic images can be amassed, 3D models can be created and volumetric calculations can be produced.

2D Mapping

Orthomapping is a geometrically corrected aerial photo(‘s) with a uniform map. The picture is corrected for topographic relief, lens distortion and camera tilt. However, it keeps the advantages of a normal photograph – visually displaying land characteristics, instead of representing those features using symbols and lines in a map. As a result, the photo(‘s) gives an accurate image of the surface, making it helpful to measure true distances and to get a near real-time land map overview.


DronePro can improve crop management by providing aerial camera shots, multispectral measurement and remote sensing equipment all at once. DronePro has versatile payload platforms, can cover large surfaces, are easy to operate and provide hard data that can be inputted in real time.  As a result, DronePro can improve the quality of your yield before your crops show physical signs of stress thus increasing your profits.

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